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Technology Creates Future.

Bohang Hydraulic always devotes ourselves to develop and improve "high efficiency, energy saving and environmental" hydraulic products.

We manufacture all kinds of piston pump, piston motor, same models as Rexroth series. Our products are mainly applied to engineering mechanical, constuction mechanical, mining mechanical, metallurgy mechanical, petrochemical engineering, marine engineering, hydroelectric power, light engineering, agriculture machine, military project, environmental industry.
Our goal is to provide safe, reliable, leading and no leak products that can perfect suit with your hydraulic transmission system. We are strict with ourselves to be excellence by strengthening management system, improving product structure and keeping ourselves honest, creative, high efficient.


Engineering Mechanical
Engineering Mechanical

Mobile Hydraulics includes mobile mechanical, agriculture mechanical, mining mechanical and special vehicles, like bulldozers, excavator, road roller, paver, crane, forklift, loader, tractor, combine-harvester, etc..

Industrial Mechanical
Industrial Mechanical

Industrial applications mainly include injection molding machine, shoe-making machine, forging machine, CNC machine, metal smelting and die-casting, stone machine and other fixed equipment.

Maritime & Port
Maritime & Port

Maritime ports mainly includes port loading, unloading and transportation equipment, such as reach stacker, heavy forklift, tire crane, grabs, etc.; as well as engineering ship, platform and wind power installation equipment for offshore operations, such

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